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When I knew I would be a nurse.

Have you ever had that moment of epiphany? That one when you just know that something great is about to happen? Yes that one. I remember having that moment when I decided to apply to nursing school. I guess my stars had aligned and destiny was taking me where I needed to be.

April J. Odom (2010)

Deciding on a path

After spending 5 years as a pharmacy technician I decided to go back to school and become a Pharmacist. I liked my job and figured this was something that I could do. So I took all my prerequisites, and after a year and a half I could apply to pharmacy school or apply to nursing school.

So I did some research on different schools, the requirements, length of program. But one thing that resonated with me was that both choices would be competitive. I was down to the wire to decide between University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy or Malcolm X College’s Nursing Program. However, I would need a few more courses prior to beginning the pharmacy program vs I would be able to directly enter the nursing program.

The one fear I had was that the nursing program only admitted about 40 students a year and I remember thinking, “How can I competed with over 200 applicants when I’m 25 years old and should have been done with college?” It almost deterred me, but I remembered in high school taking the after school course where I fell in love with nursing and direct patient care. So I took the leap and applied to the nursing program at Malcolm X College.

Receiving that large envelope

The day I received the large envelope in the mail from Malcolm X College, I knew this was it. Out of over 200 applicants I was 1 of 40 to be admitted into the Nursing class of 2008. My goal was to complete the two year program and be the best nurse I could be.

Twelve years later, and I am loving every minute of being a nurse. I have had successes, met some amazing nurses along they way, and taken care of so many patients, some which will always hold a special place in my mind. It has not been all bliss but that’s a story for another day!

Only you can travel your journey.

My word of advice is to not let anything stop you from what you want. Apply to that program, fill out that application, you never know what’s waiting for you. When you decide on a path you want to take—see it through until the end. One of my instructors use to say, “you have to tackle that giant.” But know that once you overcome that and clear your path....there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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